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The 3 Biggest Dental Mistakes College Students Make

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Fall is right around the corner and many of our patients are preparing to head off to college. Many of these students have been patients of Stannard, Studt and Tironi Dentistry since they were babies and we love to watch them enter this next phase of life.
While the transition to college life presents many challenges, obstacles and learning opportunities- the area we most try to prepare our college-bound patients for is good dental care.
Here are the top 3 dental mistakes we see college students make:

1. Tooth decay as result of diet changes.
Although some dietary changes are inevitable with dorm living, we often see kids returning from college with decay. Many students begin drinking energy drinks and/or coffee for an extra boost of energy. While the occasional sugary beverage is o.k., if this becomes a daily event, it can cause big problems for your teeth!

2. Gingivitis as a result of poor oral hygiene and stress.
With the change in routine and schedule, we often see students return from college who need improvement with their dental hygiene. Plaque is bacteria and if it’s not properly removed, it can cause your gums to become infected. In addition to causing bad breath, it can contribute to numerous other health issues.

3. Not scheduling dental appointments in advance.
Dental appointments throughout the summer and over Christmas break are always in high demand! Make sure to schedule your appointment(s) in advance to ensure you can reserve a convenient time while you are home on break.

Our Waterford, Michigan dentists can help answer any questions you may have. If you would like to schedule and appointment, please contact us at (248) 673-7300

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