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Dental Implants and Your Financial Portfolio

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Dental Implants and Your Financial Portfolio

After reading this title, you are probably thinking “What do dental implants and my financial portfolio have in common?”. The short answer is, not much, other than the financial implications of having dental implant(s) placed in your mouth. But while the financial aspects of dental care are always important to consider, this article will specifically focus on managing your oral health similar to how you would likely manage your financial portfolio. Read on to get some insights into how there may be more similarities than you may have originally thought.

Have an advisor-
Many people entrust an advisor to help them with financial and investing decisions. Often times and after careful consideration, we choose an advisor we trust to help guide us on our financial journey of investing and saving for future life events. The advisor’s job is to point out intricacies in the process that we may not have considered, as well as educate us on what we can do to optimize our situation and reach our goals. What these financial advisors do for their clients is exactly what dentists do for their patients. Dentists educate patients on their overall oral health and advise/recommend treatment options to allow for patients to meet their overall long-term health goals. This is especially important in the case of dental implant therapy, as it requires specific planning and execution, which can only come from a trusted and well-trained clinician.

Plan early and often-
One of the most common terms used in financial advising is “Invest early and often”. This allows for the time value of money to work in our favor as we move toward our financial goals. The same goes for your oral health and, specifically, planning for dental implants. As dentists, we like to see our patients at least every 6 months so we can efficiently manage your oral health. As with investing, if we don’t start this process early, playing “catch-up” can make reaching your goals much more difficult. In the case of planning for tooth replacement options using dental implants, this is exceedingly important. If a tooth is lost or is about to be lost, it is important that we start the planning process as early as possible. If we delay, we may lose bone, teeth, and other supporting structures which causes treatment to take longer and be costlier, overall. With that being said, it’s never “too late” to address and improve your oral health and, specifically, treat missing teeth. With new technology and treatment options available to dentists today, we now have the ability to help patients reach their goals no matter what stage of oral health they are currently in.

Utilize technology to assist in your decision making-
With all of the technology available to investors today, financial decision making is much easier and more efficient than ever before. We have real-time stock quotes, online investing tips, tracking metrics, apps, and several other tools at our fingertips with a smartphone, tablet, or PC. The same is true for dentistry and planning for dental implants. By utilizing 3D imaging, 3D printing, surgical guides, and several other tools, the planning, placement, and maintenance of dental implants is much more predictable than ever before. In addition to streamlining the process and improving treatment outcomes, new technology also offers the patient a better overall experience. At our office, we are able to completely plan the entire dental implant procedure before the patient even walks into the treatment room on the day of surgery. This translates into a comfortable experience for the patient due to increased efficiency and better long-term treatment outcomes.

In closing, if you or someone you know is considering tooth replacement options, dental implants should absolutely be at the top of the list. Furthermore, I hope this article helps to simplify the decision-making process by comparing it to something that many people are already familiar with i.e.: Investing and managing their financial portfolio. As always, feel free to call our office if you have any questions regarding the process or if we can lend a helping hand on your journey to dental health and well-being.

Marco L. Tironi, D.D.S. is a partner of Stannard, Studt & Tironi Dentistry, located at 4170 Pontiac Lake Rd in Waterford, Michigan which delivers the latest advances in dentistry to patients. Beyond dental school, Dr. Tironi has continued his post-graduate training at Spear Education, The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, DentalXP and is a graduate of the Misch/Resnik Implant Institute. He has also obtained fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Tironi can be reached at

Doctors Stannard, Studt & Tironi have over 25 years of combined experience placing and restoring dental implants. For more information on dental implants and how they may be the right treatment option for you, call our office at (248) 673-7300 or visit our website at

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